Thursday, March 20, 2014

Swinging easy

Fun at Jovie's house yesterday!

Karis' first time on the trampoline! Love her hair! :)

She lived it!!

Here come the big kids...they love it too

Even more fun with big bro in here!!

Mommy's shopping buddy

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Child labor

Some landscapers we're working in our neighbors yard yesterday. Eli was very interested in their wheelbarrow and blower. The man was so nice that he let Eli "help" him with their work. He let him drive the wheelbarrow and put on the blower backpack. He even turned the blower in and let Eli blow all around. Eli loved it!!

Sibling Laughs

Sweet moments between siblings...captured. Eli loves making his little sister laugh, and Karis already looks to Eli like he hung the moon. :)

"I have the greatest big bro in the whole world"

Picky eater ;)

This girl will eat foods such as bok choy, kale, and quinoa. She loves broccoli, all veggies, and fruit. She eats chicken, fish, and healthy grains. But she will not eat Mac and cheese. Is she related to my firstborn at all?!! :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy "Green Patrick's Day!"

Green breakfast for St. Patricks day...malt o'meal with green sprinkles! Green start to a fun day ahead. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

For Gloria :)

In an attempt to be better at my blogging, I am adopting a new strategy. Rather than my attempt to comprehensively cover all of our recent happenings, I am going to shoot for short and sweet updates (more like a text or Facebook post) So here goes...this is for you Gloria! :)

Morning picnic with blueberry muffins. Messy and delicious. Eventually Karis got moved to her high chair after demonstrating an urge to move off of the blanket. ;)

Karis loves her little walker, which we call her Segway. It is a hand me down from big bro. 

Karis loves playing at the park! She likes to swing and go down the slide. This is a pic of her first time in the tunnel!

Daddy and Eli storytime before bed, so sweet

Playing at the coffee shop with Eli 

Sweet hugs/head locks :) from big bro

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Birthday party fun

Fun times today celebrating birthdays with friends! There is much blog updating I have to do, but here are a few sweet pics from this afternoon. So thankful to The Lord for this incredible family He has blessed me with!

Pretty pretty princess with her handsome daddy at her friend's 1 year birthday party

Mickey Mouse theme bday party complete with Mickey Mouse shaped grilled cheese sandwiches :)

Me and sweet Karis. Can't believe I closed my eyes, first time I've ever done that. ;)

"Yay mommy, you didn't blink this time!"

Cupcake cheers

Sweet treet with a sweet boy

Dads with babies

Second bday of the day...superhero party time!

Eli with friends from school

Superhero cupcake! Looked yummy, but his tummy was a little overloaded on sweets so we saved it for later :)

Finger licking good